I still remember the time when I was asked to rank my own companies website, so shocked and so nervous, I was. But my boss had much faith in me, he always used to say “where there’s a will, there is a way”. So finally I took charge of ranking my website and much to my surprise in just a couple of months my site was ranked on the first page of the Google.

Even today it is consistently ranking on the first page occasionally bouncing around the top 3 spots. Now here I will be writing about my journey of site ranking. So ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelt and get ready for takeoff.

SEO that is Search Engine Optimization in Vancouver, one of the most common yet complicated term used in the world of digitalization. So make sure before practicing SEO, you know everything about it as the situation may get worsened if not done in a proper manner.

Let us know about those spiders and crawlers and algorithms.


Google has developed some kind of automatic algorithms like Google penguin and Google panda that can rank your site pretty well, spiders or crawlers are sent over your site covering the backlinks, domain age, traffic, content, keyword density in order to determine whether it is valuable or not. If you succeed in satisfying those spiders, your site is on a roll.

First and Foremost, I needed my own domain and hosting for Search Engine Optimization in Vancouver. Although there are numerous free blog set ups and websites around, but if I am not serious about my work, how will Google or my end users find me trustworthy? So like me, if you are serious about ranking your website, get your own domain from the very beginning.

Second, always keep this mind, Google’s whole and sole purpose is to provide their end users with authentic and fruitful results, so be realistic. Use “ORIGINAL CONTENT” to your best advantages. Content can be anything ranging from photographs to videos, podcasts, infographic and what not.

Third, I started using links and back links, It’s more like creating “votes” for your page. And the more website linking, the higher chances of your site getting ranked.

Now it’s time to check on Google analytics, keep the fingers crossed!



You see the above screen shot shows 32 active visitors right now but today the site has got over 100 active visitors. I can proudly say my site is ranking on the first page of Google, top 5 in Bing and Yahoo.

Last but certainly not the least, market your business with PPC Adwords management Vancouver. It works like any and every time your ad gets clicked , a visitor is sent to your website resulting in positive ranking.

So this is it, I hope you enjoyed reading and found it inspiring!