Do you aim to strengthen your presence online? If so, then I must say you have come to the right place as here you will be exploring numerous ideas and strategies to make your business grow in the digital world. Today every business owner aims to see his or her companies website on the first page of Google, yahoo or Bing and this can only be done by effective SEO, that is search engine optimization.


However, home restoration being such a local-oriented business makes it impossible for one to do proper SEO all by himself. Thus, you need to seek help from a skilled professional to bring an appropriate range of traffic to your website. Marketing your brand is an ongoing effort, and that’s the reason why Search Engine Optimization in Vancouver is known as a process. Once the website is ranked, it doesn’t mean it will remain there forever, you need to work pretty hard to take hold on top 3 positions of your Google’s search engine page.


Here is a small case study of Canada’s Restoration Services, how they are benefited well through SEO?


One of the obvious benefits for these cleaning and restoration companies is that they are pretty clear on their target audience. Having clarity on your potential clients can provide a great help in producing measurable results. Other than this, you will find ample of professionals who call themselves “SEO Gurus” and promise to offer rankings within months, No a true SEO professional will never promise guaranteed rankings. In fact, they are transparent enough to offer services with the help of some tangible data. So be very careful while choosing one.


  • How will your website rise above the competition?
  • Get an optimized website code
  • Write highly relevant, unique and engaging content
  • Having continue presence on the web


Learn more about Search Engine Optimization in Vancouver in depth


Canada’s Restoration Services hired one of the leading SEO service providers named Datasoft. Being a well-known SEO company, they believed that accurate tracking is the base of any successfully ranked website and therefore they market home restoration services in such a way that it seemed as if they owned themselves.


Website ranking incorporates several ways in terms of organic and non-organic, they chose the organic one. And further, an SEO audit report was being created on the basis of several aspects like:-


  • Gaining an appropriate knowledge of the business from the SEO perspective.
  • Proper Software implementation and analytics at regular intervals.
  • Right keyword search
  • Don’t forget the competition
  • Who Is linking to your website?


After completion of the audit report process, they started analyzing and improvising it. For example, adding a well-optimized website content or by adding links, backlinks, revising the meta titles and tags, giving your files more logical structure, enhancing the speed of your site etc.


You need to understand that Google not only ranks the entire website, it even ranks web pages. This means you can specify with a set of relevant restoration content individually.  First of all, we chose a keyword with a good volume, and being a home restoration company, we chose mold removal in Toronto.


imgpsh_fullsize (3)


Then we started looking for other close variations like mold removal,  black mold which can be used as your keywords. Other than this, we started including keyword in our content, like the title page, content that’s ranking in Google, etc. Check out at these screen shots below to have a better understanding on the same.


imgpsh_fullsize (2)


imgpsh_fullsize (1)

Last but certainly not the least is to optimize the entire site on the web. For this they build other authoritative links like the manufacturer’s page or take a look at this image below.



Always remember more links from these high authority sites means more search engine visibility. After all, everything you will be doing online will be valuable to your prospective customers.


So this is it, I hope you found the post worth informative!