Having web pages ranked on the first page of Google is not that difficult, especially when you are well-aware regarding the two categories i.e. organic listings and paid ones(PPC) . Although there are companies which tend to choose the paid per click option as it shows quick results, it’s measurable and repeatable as long as one can afford while organic results show the most relevance sites on top. And for that, you need effective SEO, search engine optimization.

Presently, people are smart enough to differentiate between PPC Adwords management in Vancouver and organic rankings. So ranking a website organically is the best thing you could do, after all, each and every day millions of people turn to Famous search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more for authentic looking product options and services.

Ranking in the top three positions of the search results requires lots and lots of hard work and solid SEO strategy, apart from that here, I would like to grab your attention by offering a few tips and tricks that can improve the site rankings on the definite basis.

  • Identifying the keywords
  • Get on-page optimization in a perfect manner
  • Content has to be chic
  • Links & back links do have some role
  • it is a continuous process

Identifying the keywords- Looking around for targeted keywords is the first and foremost step of Search engine optimization in VancouverThe more you work on your targeted keywords, better results can be obtained. But the question still remains the same, what kind of keywords should I use? Figure out words that your potential consumer is likely to search more often. For example, if you have a real estate business in Vancouver, do not target general words like “real estate” but try to be more precise like “ real estate in Vancouver”   or “ Vancouver real estate”, etc.

Get on-page optimization in a perfect manner- I have seen several local business firms that simply ignore the importance of on-page optimization. Well, I won’t get much in detail but a proper optimization includes SEO friendly URL, authority outbound links, a page title, H1 & H2 tags, speed of the website and what not! For more you can even check out the detail explanation in my next post. (link)

Content has to be chic- Website without content is like a body without its soul. Now the word content is not just the write-ups, it even includes images, infographic posts, videos, podcasts, audio files and lots more. Whatsoever you post, just make sure you are adding new content at every now and then. Adding refreshing content means adding more and more value in the eyes of the end user.

Links & back links do have some role- even today links, backlinks have some importance in Search engine optimization in Vancouver. Right links can get you on the top while wrong ones can put you at risk. For high-quality links you can attract through guest blogging and infographics, here the number of links do not matter, in fact, quality is something that matters the most. So overnight rankings are just next to impossible, make sure you do spend some time in researching well.

Like I said it is a continuous process 

Even if your website gets ranked, you need to monitor it constantly or else your competitors might grab your position in no time. Get in touch with a reputable company like Social Media Marketing in Vancouver and I am sure with their help you can grow your business pretty well.