Have you already started blogging? Do you do SEO for your website? Most of us aim to run our own sites, but when it comes to getting it ranked on the first page of Google, we simply become clueless. Well, on that note, here is a small guide created which will help you in achieving top organic results for a long run. So keep reading further in order to get a better perspective!

First of all, you need to understand the fact that Search Engine Optimization in Vancouver is not a one-time investment, it is an ongoing process. And it’s quite obvious for you to throw plenty of finances, but of no use unless and until your website is not optimized properly. Here I would like to share some tried and tested on-page optimization techniques that could help you to rank in an effective manner.

Page title

Page title or title tag is the basic yet crucial factor of your website. Experts suggest that each of your pages should be given a unique title, including the keyword. For instance, If your page is all about the best chocolate recipe you have learned till date, then your title should be like” Best Chocolate cookies ever” or “Chocolate cake recipes- Abcrecipe.com” etc. In short, your title should be so crisp and simple so that you can even incorporate it smoothly within your post in order to show better ranking results.

Meta descriptions    

Meta’s are those one or two lines that define you, your content within the search results, especially beneath your page.  Let’s continue with the same example of a Chocolate cake recipe, for this a good meta description can be like ” There is no doubt that everyone craves for chocolate, but what if I teach you some yummy Chocolate cake recipe? Get in touch to get a better idea on the same! “  It has to be short, sweet and crisp including specific keywords that you aim for.

The site URL

Whatever product you sell online, be it a smartphone, microwave oven or any other,  just make sure that your site URL is SEO friendly which means it should be high on demand for each of your pages. Besides this, an effective URL includes a set of targeted keywords that perform better. Again here I would continue with the chocolate example, “http://addapinch.com/the-best-chocolate-cake-recipe-ever/” It is something that does not just include the keyword but even is easily readable.

Body tags(H!, H2, H3, H4, etc)

Content is the base of  Search Engine Optimization in Vancouver, so make it interesting and easier, so that more and more people could enjoy reading and improve your search rankings. The breaks or small paragraphs can be given headings like H1, H2, H3, H4.

Keyword Density

Apart from incorporating the relevant keyword in your content, it is very important for you to place it in the right manner. Well, this does not mean you need to overuse it or repeat excessively at every now and then as the consequences may be even worst.

Internal linking

Many of us, even I use to believe that linking from other websites is the only thing we could do, but that’s not true, placing links to your site to other web pages like contact details, etc can improve your site ranking. Other than you even your end users are benefited as they do not need to navigate much around your site.

On and all,

The above-mentioned techniques are some of the used ways that can improve on-page SEO. But above all, do not forget to hire a skilled professional for an effective Search Engine Optimization in Vancouver. 

Jun, 03, 2016