Though summers are hot, yet e-commerce is getting hotter these days. The evolution of online marketing has already started in the past few years and today the success rate is unimaginable. Believe it or not, every business no matter large or small and every individual no matter whether he wish to buy or sell tends to deal online.


I have been running the best Social Media Marketing Services in Vancouver since years, thus have been asked this question a number of times how to build a successful online store. Honestly a few years back, building a store online and that too from scratch was easier said than done, but today with few adequate amount of knowledge and experience I can effectively build one for your space.


Here is a small case study that I would like to present in front of you that explores  how we succeeded in developing a good online store to sell glasses for


Further speaking about the company, is one of the leading online opticians that specialize in offering high-quality eyewear for both men as well as women. They offer glasses and lenses in all kinds of materials, shapes and colors.


To build any online store, you need to start from the basics. What are the products that need to be sold? Make sure, they are physical enough to be shipped ? So now we had a locally recognized store with an alluring range of glasses and lenses and they decided to ship within Germany in a span of 14 to 21 days after the order is confirmed.


Registered a domain name:- We registered a domain name  that’s unique, easy to remember and most important not used by anybody else.

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Always do remember selling your product successfully is just a part of the entire process, apart from that you need to catch up regarding all the services offered by your potential competitors, after all, why would your customer choose your product when they have hundreds of better options around. Similarly, we started focusing more on other things such as designing the website, creating a valuable content, interacting with the customers and many more.


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We firmly believe that the more time you spend wrestling with a complicated shopping cart, the less time you will get to focus on the other things and therefore we chose DHL. Other than this for payment gateway we choose PayPal because it mostly accepts all kinds of credit cards. Furthermore, I as a Digital marketing consulting in Toronto would advise you to have payment choices right on the basis of your sales volume and transaction needs.


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We developed this site with Magento as it offers ample of shopping systems with pretty rich in terms of features. Thus, you can easily customize the online shop according to your requirements like we did.

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Finally, once your online store is created, its time to maintain. Check your shop reports on the daily basis, keep monitoring with the help of backend and I am sure like us even you can develop a good online store to sell glasses.